HyWorks Controller Service runs as a windows service on supported windows platforms and is the primary controller layer for HyWorks environment. The core operations of HyWorks Controller Service are:

  • Managing End-Point HyDesk Devices
  • In Build Connection Broker for Managing and Assigning Desktops to Clients
  • Enabling Authentication of users with Authentication Servers
  • Managing Sessions
  • Managing DVMs (Desktop Virtual Machines)
    • Provisioning of new DVMs using gold images
  • Detailed Device and Controller Logging for troubleshooting and reporting

The web interface used for facilitating all above tasks is HyWorks Controller Management Console.

HyWorks Controller Management Console is a web interface accessible on browsers and provides the interface for administrators to manage the devices, sessions, creation and management of desktop providers, connection profiles and other settings.


Installation of HyWorks Controller Service and Management Console is very simple.  Please refer to HyWorks Controller Install Guide for in-depth information.

Summary of Installation Steps:

  • Admin will need to download the HyWorks Controller setup from the latest release download link.
  • Copy the setup on the machine where it’s needed to be installed.
  • During installation, admin will need to provide following important information, which must be remembered:
    • HyWorks Controller Service Port: The port on which HyWorks Controller will be running (Default is 38866). The same port is used for configuring Management Console controller service path and as well as for registering the HyDesk devices with the controller.
    • HyWorks Controller Management Console Port: The port will be used to run the Management console (Default is 443).  Management console is the Web interface for Device management, Session management, HyWorks Controller configurations, desktop provider configurations, connection policies management etc.

    • Administrator User Credentials: Admin can opt to configure a new user (Username and password to be provided during installation). Admin can also configure an AD group (whose members will have access to HyWorks Controller Management console).
  • Run the setup, follow the installation wizard and HyWorks Controller installation is complete.
  • After successful installation, the URL will be displayed for accessing the management console.  https:// <IP / Host name >: <Port Number>