Problem  -

Application icons missing when connecting to Console/Launchpad portal of Secondary Web Server


Cause - 

By Propalms TSE design, application icons replicate on all online web servers, when applications are published in the Propalms TSE Environment.

The scenario occurs when 'application publishing process' is already completed and then secondary or redundant web server is added into the Propalms TSE Environment. 

Thus when users connect to the launchpad portal of secondary web server, launchpad shows default Propalms icons. 


Resolution -

Copy "Icons" directory located at 'C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Depot' from primary web server and paste it to the redundant web server on the same location.

Do 'Refresh application list' on Propalms launchpad site. Alternatevely, you can right click on PCM system tray icon and click 'Refresh shortcuts & file associations' to retrieve your default application icons.