When a user launches an application, the launch process hangs when connecting to the application server. It hangs on a window with a message stating “Connecting to Application Server”.

If a user changes his or her domain password after logging on to Propalms TSE but before an application is launched, the launch will fail. This is due to the fact that the domain password and the Propalms TSE database are no longer synchronized, and the user fails to be authenticated. This exact sequence must occur to produce this behavior:

• User logs into Propalms TSE

• User changes domain password

• User launches an application

A system administrator must log in to the Propalms TSE Management Console and choose to synchronize the domain by performing the following steps:

1. Click Manage.

2. Click Domains.

3. Select the user’s domain.

4. Click Synchronize Domain.

5. Click Synchronize.

Alternatively, the user can logon to Propalms TSE Launch Pad again using the new password.