Steps to upload HySecure client from backend :-

1. Download the client setup file (.exe, .deb, .dmg) on your base machine.

2. Take WinSCP of the gateway.

3. Copy the setup file from local machine to /home/fes/public/ folder of the gateway.

4. Modify the ownership of the setup file using the following command :

       chown apache:fes /home/fes/public/<setup_file_name>

5. Go to /home/fes/public/ portal/act/loginPage.htm 

6. Search for "Click here to download HySecure Client" 

Here highlighted code need to copy and paste it below to show another link.

If you want to change the text then change the localization text to anything, like add 1

Only change the file name in href.

Make sure the file name in the href link is exactly same as the setup file name as placed in /home/fes/public folder.

In case of HA, the setup file is to be copied to each node/gateway in the setup. The changes in the loginPage.htm will also be required to be present on each node, which will get automatically synced. Verify the same.

For force upgrade of Linux client -

1. Go to /home/fes/public

2. nano verinfo.js (take a backup of verinfo.js before making changes)

3. Add the following tags -


LINUXUPDATEPATH=<path to setup file inside /home/fes/public folder>