Issue Description: When HySecure Gateway is running in high availability mode, License is applied on active node only. The rest of node (Standby and Real node) gets synced with active node to get new license info.

In some event, this syncing doesn't happens and all nodes doesn't get new license info. This causes issue while user login due to incorrect license data available in node.

Applies to:  All versions


To sync license data among all node, you would require CLI access of HySecure gateway. Below are steps that need to follow to fix this problem.

1. Connect to Active node and navigate to /home/fes/fescommon

2. Copy the gateway_data and LicenseKey to the affected node on the path /home/fes/fescommon

3. Ensure that owner is apache:fes and permission is set to 666

4. Now connect the affected node and verify that files are copied

5. Now kill the fes service and restart it to use updated license data.