1. Download the EncryptDecryptAppConfigFile tool from the link below on the Controller. 


2. Extract it and open the EncrypDecryptAppConfigFile > Click on the three dots to browse. Go to location C:\Program Files (x86)\Accops\HyWorks\Service\EDC.Service.exe on the Controller machine (use mstsc) and select the EDC service file.

Click on Decrypt Config.

3. From the file that opens, search text ‘password’. Copy the value of the password and save it elsewhere for later use.

4. Connect to HyWorks DB from SQL Server Management Studio with SQL Authentication.

5. Go to Security > Logins > sa (refer diag below)

6. Right click on Properties > Change the credentials as shown in screenshot below and save the changes.

7. Change sa password in edc service file. Save it.

8. Restart SQL express service.

9. Restart HyWorks Controller service.