Issue: User not able to access the SQL database(Named Instance) from Accops VPN.

Note: Able to access default instance.


Other type Application is going to be published in HySecure, with sql ip and port reachable from hysecure.


User accesses the SQL db via SSMS installed on his local machine after logging into the vpn client.

Steps to check:

1. In the SQL manager, for the particular instance, configure a static port .

2. The SQL server IP and above mentioned port is published in HySecure.
-This application is assigned to the application group that user has access to in Accops VPN.
3. Also, confirm  remote connection is selected for that instance:
Path to confirm this :  Select Connections option in the left side and tick "Allow remote connections to this server" in the right.
4. When user is launching the SSMS on his machine after login into hysecure, ask him to enter the SQL_IP\Instance_Name, Port  {eg\SQL2008, 1500 } and user (SA )credentials. And click on connect.