SO (Security Officer) / Administrator user creation and Registration  

  1. Login to Hysecure Client with already registered SO user at the time of deployment.
  2. Select No/yes , it will get logged in and an admin console dashboard will get open in browser.  If selected “yes” then the client will be upgraded to new version.
  3. Goto Auth management tab  local users à click “Add “ to add new SO / admin user . (a) “ADD

(b) “Modify”  : You can modify below settings for any SO user.

(c) “Delete”  : You can delete the SO user if the user is no more accessing the registered machine.

(d) “Reset Passphrase” : If you want to reset Certificate / SO user  for already registered machine.

Select that SO user from below users list and click “Reset Passphrase” .

  • You will get new passphrase copy the passphrase and follow step 6.
  • If you get msg “ Certificate already registered or duplicate certificate is already installed
  • Follow below process and remove previous or duplicate certificate on your deskop.
  • Launch Internet Explorer -->  settings -->  Internet options --> Content --> certificates 
  • Select the certificate from the list click “remove” . Now try registering certificate again. Step11.
  • 4. After clicking “Add” you will get below page.
  • Fill the details as shown, rest will remain as it is unless to be required specifically for SO user.
  • Fill your and administrator (already registered SO) email ID details.
  •           Note: “Souser1” here is just for example .
  • 5. You will get new passphrase copy the same in notepad.
  • 6. Now go to the system/desktop on which you want to register this certificate .

     Note : it will be specific to that system.

         7. Launch Hysecure client if installed, if not then follow as below  :

          Launch browser and type IP of your Hysecure VPN gateway or hostname or public URL as shown below.

                                                  https:// <ip> / <hostname>

          Below page will open.

8. Download Hysecure client software on your system and install it.

   After installing , a desktop icon will be created as shown below.

9. Launch Hysecure Client and enter below details.

Enter VPN server IPor hostname for provided Hysecure VPN server

Mark checkbox “Login with a digital certificate” and click Action on right hand corner.

10. Click “Enroll Client SSL Certificate”

11. Enter 16 digit passphrase which was copied in notepad earlier. Refer step 5.

  • Provide password which you need to remember for the same.

12. After submit ,you will get “Certificate is imported successfully” message. If not then try step 3. (d)

13. Now you can see the installed certificate account registered on dropdown list below, select it.

14. Enter the same password given in step 11. You will be logged in which will launch Hysecure console dashboard on your default browser.

You can find attached document for the above.