Issue: When DVMs of HyperV is part of multiple network then multiple IP address are configured ; due to which the DVM doesn't know which network to use to communicate with controller and sometimes it might go into not responding state. 

Resolution: Configure " Pool IP range Affinity" feature on HyWorks controller.  

Supported versions of controller: 2.5 GA SP2 + Patch/

When DVM is part of  multiple network then controller/client to DVM communication  is generally part of one network. So Pool IP Range Affinity helps controller/client to DVM use specific range

Follow below steps to configure the feature in Registry: 

  1. Create Sub-Key : HKLM\SOFTWARE\Accops\Controller\EDC\SERVICE\Pools\
  2. Create Sub-Key with Pool Name
  3. Then Create Multi-Value String Entry
    1. Its name should start with “Range1”  (so you can have multiple Range)

                As seen in above image, "TestPool" is pool name in Hyworks Controller.

2.In the Value Field enter starting IP address

3.At next line enter end IP Address

4. Add D-Word “IPRangeFilterEnabled” 

  • Set 1 to enable this feature for the Pool
  • Set 0 to disable this feature for the Pool

As seen in above image, the pool affinity has been enabled for "TestPool" and range of IP's is between to

Repeat above steps to have multiple range values

As seen in above screenshot: multiple IP range's are for to, to & to are the ranges for pool "TestPool"

4. Restart the service of HyWorks Controller.

Note : 

1. Currently “,” and “;” delimiters supported to report Multiple IP by HyperV

2. If controller is in HA, you need to make the registry entries on both controller and then restart the service of HyWorks Controller .