Issue:  The system administrator has limited the computers you can log on with. Try logging on at a different computer.

Cause: If system administrators restricted the "Logon Workstation" in users properties. (Please see below snapshot)

Note: In below snapshot for user "demo1111" only two workstations are allowed from "Log On To.."

Solution:  To resolve this issue, system administrators need to add the user PC  name in "Logon Workstations".( see below snapshot)

Note: System administrators need to manually enter the "Logon Workstation" respective to each domain users.


Note: In case of Propalms TSE Server. Keep the Log On Workstations as "All Computers", and disable the direct RDP from Propalms TSE Settings,
         So no one is having direct access of TSE server except Local/Domain Admins.