Issue: Domain Users are not able to sign to Propalms TSE Server.

Cause: If below Group Policy is applied from Domain Controller. (Note: By default this policy is "Not Defined" from domain controller).

then all user will get an below error while login from remotely using RDP.


To resolve this issue, Please follow below steps.

Step :1 Login to Propalms Server with admin privileges and run the command "rsop.msc" from command prompt.

Step 2: Locate the Group Policy which is created for Propalms TSE Server.

Step 3: Login to Domain controller and launch Group Policy management Console by running the command "gpmc.msc" from the command prompt.

Step 4:  Right Click on Group Policy and click edit.

NOTE: In security filtering only Propalms TSE Server need to add.

Step 5: Add "Proadmin" and "Authenticated Users" in "Allow log on through Remote desktop Services" (Please see below snapshot)

    Note: "Proadmin" is Identity User Account of Propalms TSE Server, it may be different for other organisation.

Step 6: Click on Browse.

Step 7: Enter the Object "PROADMIN" and "Authenticated Users" and Click on "Check Names".

Step 8: Click " OK" twice and then click "APPLY and then Press "OK".

Step 9: Login to Propalms TSE Server with domain admin and Update the group policy by entering the command "gpupdate /force" in command prompt".

Step 10: Logout from Propalms TSE server and then login with domain Users.