Save on your bill by automating the scheduled power management of your Microsoft Azure virtual machines.

Step 1: Login to your Azure Subscription.

Step 2:  CLick on "+New".

Step 3: Type "Start" in Search String.

Step 4: Select and start deployment of "Start/Stop VMs during off-hours [Preview]".

Step 5:  Select " Create".

Step 6: Create a new OMS workspace, Select your Subscription with existing Resource Group and then specify the location where your VMs is deployed.

Step 7: After Clicking on OK, it will take some time to validate the details, then you need to create an automation account.

Step 8: Specify the time for auto start and auto turn off.

NOTE: Above Scheduled Time Only Works If Inside VM is also have "Indian Standard Time".

Step 9: Click "create"

Step 10: Select "autorun" Automation Account by Browsing "All Resources".

Step 11: Select the application "autorun".

Step 12: Select "Runbook".

Step 13: Select "StartByResourceGroup-MS-Mgmt-VM" >> "Schedules" >> "Add a schedule".

Step 14: Add a schedule to Auto-Start a VM.

Step 15: Verify and Confirm New "Auto-Start-VM" and Press OK.

Step 16: Delete Old Schedule startup Task by selecting>> More>> Delete.

Step 18: Delete Old Task.

Step 19: Select "StopByResourceGroup-MS-Mgmt-VM" >> "Schedules" >> "Add a schedule".


Step 20: Add a schedule to Auto-Stop VM.

Step 21: Verify and confirm New "Auto-Stop-VM" and Press OK.

For More Info: Please refer below Microsoft Official link.