Please download Firmware from below link.

Firmware Link:!AsoZj060dYN4gSdDtmHP8xDtHxVa

Tool to create a bootable Pen Drive

TUX BOOT Link:!AsoZj060dYN4gSShrN1BmGBZ51hN

How to create a bootable pen drive:


1: One USB Drive of size at leat 1 GB.

2: TS100 Firmware.

3: Tux BOOT Application.



Step 1: Insert USB DRIVE.

Step 2: Extract Tuxboot with WinZip or 7zip or Winrar application.

Step 3: Launch Tuxboot application with admin privileges

Step 4: See below snapshot.

Select "Pre-Downloaded"

Select "7zs" from a drop down menu.

Browse and select the downloaded firmware ""

Type: "USB"

Drive: "USB DEVICE" and Press OK.

NOTE: Please make sure before proceeding next you have copied all your USB Drive data to another location:

Kindly write to for any query.