Please follow below Steps:

Step 1: Login to Propalms TSE Server.

Step 2: Open Command Prompt and type "inetmgr" without quotes and Press Enter.

Step 3: Expand the Server SItes>>Default Web Site.( See Below Snapshot)

Step 4: Right Click on "Default Web Site" and Select "Edit Binding".( See Below Snapshot)

Step 5: Click on "Edit".

Step 6 : Enter New Port and Press OK.

Step 7: Restart IIS Manager. (See Below Snapshot).

Step :8 Check the Launchpad and Console access on updated port.

For Launchpad: http://ip_address_of_propalms_TSE:port/launchpad

For Console : http://ip_address_of_propalms_TSE:port/console

For any query/question kindly write to