Purpose: The article provides instructions on how to install 3rd party software on HyDesk devices. The article is applicable to HY3000 and HY4000 product families. Both are x86 based devices and 3rd party software built for Ubuntu 12 based OS should work on the devices.

Note: Installing any 3rd party software on the device (not pre-approved by Accops) invalidates the hardware device warranty with the 3rd party software installed in the firmware.

Following steps should be followed for installing 3rd party software:

  1. Setup TCPUp utility on Desktop and Enable xTerm Patch
  2. Install xTerm on HyDesk Devices
  3. Enable Read/Write mode on root partition

  • Setup TCPUp Utility and Enable xTerm Patch

                    1.   Download TCPUp Utility from below link and extract on desktop

                          Download TCPUp 6.71

                    2.    Right Click TCPUp.exe and select option 'Run as administrator'

                    3.    In TCPUp window, click on option 'Select Update File' as shown below


                    4.    In 'Select Update File' window, click on Select button under 'Update File' section

                    5.    Browse to the location where Xterm patch has been download and select the .dat file

                            Download Link: Xterm for Hy3000


                    Note: Kindly choose wisely as different Xterm patches are available for HyDesk 3000/ 2000 devices

                    6.    TCPUp server is ready with Xterm patch


  • Install Xterm on HyDesk Devices

                    1.    Login into HyDesk Devices in Full Desktop mode

                    2.    Enter the key combination "Alt + Ctrl + U" to open Update wizard on device

                    3.    In Update wizard, select Update Mode as TCPUP, Update Type as Patch and in Update section provide Server IP as the IP of the machine set as TCPUp server

                    4.    Click on 'Update' button to start the Xterm Patch installation

                    5.    Once installation is completed, device will reboot -> Xterm is installed now

  • Enable Read/Write mode on root partition

         The root partition is initially in read only mode and has to be set to read/write mode to allow changes. To configure Read/ Write mode on device follow the below steps:

                    1.    On HyDesk device in Full Desktop mode, enter key combination "Alt + Ctrl + X" to open Xterm

                    2.    In Xterm editor, type following command 'mount -o remount rw /'

                    3.    HyDesk's root partition is now configured in write mode to allow changes