The article will be used to provide brief details of Accops HyWorks releases.

Release Summary:

Release Tag
 Release Type  Release Date Summary Link to Release Page
HyWorks SP2 Release General Release  2016-09-19 SP2 release is having following major changes:
  • Password Protected VNC (Remote) Session
  • Option in Connection Profile to specify additional session parameters
  • Fix for session failure issue for TSE with RDP8
  • Fix for intermittent session failure over proxy
  • Fix for issue of saving Device Settings second time
  • Fix for issue of HyWorks Controller in Cluster creating very large number of tracking entries
  • Enhanced Hy3020/ Windows Client Installer to provide multiple options
HyWorks SP2 Release Web Page
HyWorks SP1  Release
General  Release
 2016-06-06  SP1 release have been made with following change:
  • Device model change from Hy3200 to Hy3020
  • Hy3000/4000 Hot-fix
  • Hy2000 Hot-fix
  • Hy3020 Hot-fix
  • Windows Client
HyWorks SP1 Release
 SEP v 4.07 SEP v4.07 Release  2016-05-31 SEP v4.07 modules have been released. 
  • SEPApp (SEP Server): v4.07
  • SEPClient (Windows): v4.07
  • SEP Policy License Server: v4.05
  • Patch to Disable Pop ups for available USB devices
 SEP v4.07 Release Web Page
 HyWorks v2.5 GA  GA Release  2016-04-18  GA Release of HyWorks v2.5; released components:
  • HyWorks Controller:v v2.5.0.172
  • HyDesk Hy3000 Client: v255179
  • HyDesk Hy2000 Client: v255174
  • HyWorks Hyper-V Connector: v2.5.4
  • HyWorks Tools: v2.5.4.1
 HyWorks GA Release Web Page
 Controller Patch  Controller Patch  2016-05-23  A patch for HyWorks Controller (GA) has been released to address
 a random session discussion issue. The fix is not applicable for all
 HyWorks environments and should be used only if the disconnection
 is occurring frequently and Accops support team has suggested for the same.
 HyWorks Controller GFX Patch Release Web Page

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