The document provides the brief overview of  deploying the GFX patch in HyWorks Controller, which can help in achieving the fix for following issue.

Session Disconnection Issue Details:

Deployments which are using RDP8 protocol (especially with Windows 7) may come across the issue of session disconnection; where user sessions from Hy3000/ Hy4000 HyDesk devices may get disconnected randomly.


Applying the patch may help in fixing the session disconnection issue.

Fix Details:

The fix contains patch for HyWorks Controller; which will work as follows:

Selecting option Enable Graphics Acceleration in Connection Profile will enable the progressive graphical acceleration instead of usual graphical acceleration.

How to Deploy Patch on HyWorks Controller

To deploy GFX patch on HyWorks Controller, Please following below steps:

  1. Download the attached EDC.Utils.dll file.
  2. Login into the HyWorks controller server and Go to below location  “C:\Program Files (x86)\Accops\HyWorks Controller\Service
  3. Rename the existing "EDC.Utils.dll” file to EDC.Utils.old.dll and paste the downloaded file.
  4. Open services.msc and restart "Accops HyWorks Controller" service.

Enable Progress GFX using HyWorks Controller

  1. Once the patch is applied successfully
  2. Login into HyWorks Controller Management Console
  3. Go to Setup -> Connection Profiles
  4. Select the intended connection profile and click on Edit button
  5. In Edit Connection Profile wizard -> Advanced Section -> Select checkbox 'Enable Graphics Acceleration'
  6. Save the connection profile
  7. Go to Devices page -> Select all devices with disconnection issue and assign the modified connection profile
  8. Connect a new session using appropriate credentials
  9. Session disconnection issue should not be encountered now;

Please contact Propalms Support for any information, queries or issues