This article consists of the details of 3rd method using which firmware can be installed on HyDesk Hy3000/4000 devices. This method is useful when only few devices have to be installed with base firmware (.dat extension) shared by Propalms, if the volume rises its better to use other methods to restore the firmware.

The process of installation  is very simple as briefly described below:

  1. Prepare a bootable USB drive using UdiskDDSBootTool
  2. Copy the downloaded firmware image on the USB Drive
  3. Plug USB drive on target Hy3000/4000 device
  4. Reboot the device with USB drive and install the copied image


  • Supports only .dat format firmware images
  • Only firmware images which means patches/BIOS update can not be installed using this

Supported Models:

  • Hy3000
  • Hy4000
Link to Document: HyDesk 3000or4000 Firmware Installation using UdiskDDSBoot

Please contact Propalms Support to get links to download firmware images, respective tools or information regarding the document or article.