The standard installation process of HyDesk Hy3200 will install the base image on the devices and thus if any specific customization have to be done then all those will be required to be repeated on every device.

To avoid this rework; image of customized Hy3200 can be taken and the same image can be restored on other Hy3200 devices. This document aims to provide details of this process, which can help in achieving: 

  • A faster way of restoring customized image on Hy3200
  • Backing up the gold image, on server so that the same image can be used in future for deployment of new or existing Hy3200 devices.

  1. Format a USB drive with UdiskDDSBoot tool
  2. Boot a ready Hy3200 device with bootable USB drive and take backup of its images
  3. Restore the backed up image of Hy3200 on new Hy3200 devices

The process is documented in detail and is made available in following document:
Link to Document: HyDesk Hy3200 Image Backup and Restore using UdiskDDSBoot